Isa, 16.
The best you ever had is just a memory and those dreams.

I don’t believe in love at first sight but I do believe in seeing someone from across the room and knowing instantly that they’re going to matter to you.

— Ryan O’Connell (via missmegrose)

Bastian Schweinsteiger has already won more than a century of caps for one of the strongest nations around and has now secured the World Cup itself. Add that to his seven league titles, numerous domestic cup trophies and a Champions League winners’ medal and his haul stacks up impressively against many of the best players to have played the sport. A fiercely committed winner, tactically astute and with the physical capacity to dictate games all day long, he is a manager’s dream and provides a perfect balance for a whole host of team-mates. The World Cup, and especially the final, is often said to separate the majestic and the great from the true echelons of world class. After a performance to rank alongside any which came before him in such a spectacular setting, Schweinsteiger can now be comfortably held in the same esteem as midfield legends from his own nation—such as Lothar Matthaus or Franz Beckenbauer—or even beyond, on the global stage.

Bastian Schweinsteiger, a true legend of the game. 

Happy 30th Birthday Basti! (01/08/1984)

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ur not allowed to be busy youre my only friend

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